Top 6 Outdoor Styling Ideas

Updated: Jun 1

It's that time of year to give your outdoor space a refresh! A space where you can enjoy long, warm summer evenings out. A space to merge the indoors with the outdoors. If you are looking for a little help in creating this space, we're here for you! For the month of June, we are running an exclusive offer of our Mini E-Design Service, for the outdoors. Hurry and sign up, so you may enjoy Summer Solstice in the coziest of spaces!

A touch of inspiration for you from some of our favorite outdoor spaces...

Here is our top 6 list:

1. Sustainability by shopping your own home first. 2. Lighting to create an inviting ambiance. 3. Textiles to invite contrasting, yet soft elements into the space. 4. Plants to soften the hardscape. 5. Dining table to bring the meals outside during this beautiful season. 6. Firepit to add warmth on a cooler summer evening.

Wishing you spring and summer evenings filled with company, shared stories, and lived in experiences.

xX AILEI Interiors

Photos In Order:

Yuki B Photography, Styling by AILEI Interiors, Space Blue Apple Art, Products from Shop Home/Work

Previous home of Sarah Sherman Samuel, photo by Nicki Sebastian

Earth House by Cré Natural Building, in Joshua Tree, California

5-Columns house in Essaouira, Morocco

Home of Greer & James Lonergan in Causarian, NSW

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