Tablescapes to Inspire

Now more than ever, setting a table is a way of slowing down, disconnecting from the media and

reconnecting with the human soul. We know that the Holidays may look a little different this year but marking an occasion can help bring a little normalcy back..and goodness knows we could all do with a little of that!

Our mantra is always to start with what we have on hand, there is no need to spend a fortune buying pieces that you'll rarely use. Follow our tips to create a beautiful and original tablescape in your home this Holiday Season!


Choose low centerpieces that don't obscure your guests sightline to keep conversation flowing.

Incorporate natural seasonal elements by foraging from your own yard for greenery, foliage and florals. Even a single branch can create impact.

For a simple but striking centerpiece, save glass jam or yogurt pots and place individual

blooms in them then group together for effect.

Varying the heights of candles and candlesticks will create interest and provide ambient light.


Layer a bowl or salad plate on top of each dinner plate to create interest and depth. You also can't go wrong with classic white dinnerware.

Place settings don't have to match! Vary plates and silverware for an eclectic style.

This is also true of glassware; mix and match in texture and height.

Try mixing up the location of your silverware. It can be grouped to one side or even placed

in the middle of the setting.


You don't have to use conventional placemats. Try two or three runners across the width of the

table, vintage hand towels or even kraft paper.

Napkins can be tied with simple string, knotted or even embellished with a sprig of rosemary

instead of a traditional napkin ring.


Mostly, we encourage you to just have fun! Incorporate some unexpected or meaningful objects-it can be a wonderful conversation starter. While it's fun to set the table on special occasions, adding a little vase of foraged flowers or a cloth napkin to an everyday meal can elevate the experience. Use this time as a meditation and moment of appreciation. If you use any of our tips, we'd love to see! You can use the hashtag #thegatheredlifestyle to tag us.

Photography by Yuki B Photography

Napkins by Joan Bogart