Storage Hacks: 7 Tips For Creating A Functional and Beautiful Bathroom

As you know, we are all about clutter free living and a bathroom is often a place where items become superfluous. But don't worry, we have gathered some of our favorite bathroom storage solutions for you, for any size dwelling!

  • A cabinet (or open shelves) on a side wall will provide vertical storage for your day to day products.

  • If the space allows, a two tiered shelving system is great for storing canisters, towels, larger products, and even greenery.

  • Canisters, or jars, are the perfect catchall for cotton balls, cotton swabs, and jewelry.

  • Baskets are the perfect hideaway for toilet paper rolls or towels.

  • Drawer organizers are a must! Not only does it provide a way to maintain organization, it also allows for hassle free access to your products.

  • If you have a bathtub, a bath caddy is the perfect storage for your bath time products.

  • A waste bin that works with the overall style of the bathroom can make all the difference.

Product List:

Haze Wall Cabinet

Seagrass Basket

Cement Wastecan

Alabaster Canisters

Wood Bath Caddy

Drawer Organizers

Plant Box Two Tier

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