Rituals: Summer Solstice

June 20th - 23rd is the time of year when we gather together to honor the light and embrace the shift into darkness. Gather with your loved ones under the midnight sun to celebrate the light, your achievements, abundance, rebirth, and most importantly who you are. This moment right here, is the only truth.

In Finland and Scotland, we celebrate by gathering with friends and family around a kokko ~ bonfire. Creating floral crowns from gathered wildflowers. Food, drinks, and fulfilling company. And of course, naked swims in the lakes under the lit up night sky. Celebration Ideas for You…

A bonfire with friends, a candlelit circular walk, singing, dancing, storytelling, and symbolically releasing that which is holding you back.

Fresh flowers are a must for a monthly self-care routine. For Summer Solstice, create a floral headdress to wear as you dance in celebration. Your local florist or wildflower fields will have exactly what you need!

As we enjoy the fresh flavors of summer, below you will find a simple smørrebrød recipe, perfect for midsummer. For the ingredients, we encourage you to support your local Farmer's Markets ~ guaranteed they will have the freshest of ingredients!

Nordic Smørrebrød


-Rye Bread with Butter

-Red Beet Salad




-Smoked Fish



-Slice bread into thin slices

-Spread red beet salad on top of bread slices

-Add smoked fish

-Add thinly sliced cucumbers

-Top with capers, chives and watercress

Embrace this magical time under the light as we begin to welcome a shift into the darker time of year. Summer Solstice blessings to you all.

xX Aino Saara & Leigh