Pottery Studio

I am currently attending a pottery class at this incredible studio in Copenhagen, Yōnobi Studio. The studio lies within the city, on a quaint and quiet street. The studio is located on the basement level, surprisingly flooded with natural light. Ceramics fill the studio with a sense of life and fluidity. A long natural wood table brings in a sense of nature to the otherwise concrete and white filled space. Truly a space for meditation, contemplation, and creativity.

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to have a small art studio space within my own home. A space for creativity rooted in earth. A space to release all that is held within. A space that surrounds you like a cocoon ~ darker, moodier, yet soft and serene. A space to nurture yourself, your intuition, your creativity, your hands. A space for surrender, trust, and growth.

Here is to manifesting this space to fruition.

xX Aino Saara

Sources (Clockwise from top left):

TriBeCa Penthouse at The Greenwich Hotel

Ceramics of Wild Clay by Pavel Zhuravlev

Pottery as seen in Spirit Opus Blog

Thonet Bentwood Rocking Chair

Dried Hogwood as seen in Interior Crisp

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