Decorating Your Rental: What do you do differently | how do you approach a rental project?

Updated: Mar 15

The main principles we follow when designing for any space include quality, sustainability, and storytelling. And as interior stylists, design of course ;)

Creating a sacred space even within a rental is essential. You are your most authentic self within the walls of your own home. Thus, curating a space you feel connected to is vital for nurturing your soul. Your home should be a place of rejuvenation, no matter where you live.

Curating and sourcing. Carefully selecting items for your home over time are the stepping stones to your story. These items bring about longevity, allowing you to own pieces and carry with you throughout all the adventures you may take. You can do so by shopping your own home first. Once you have mindfully done so, then proceed to shopping secondhand and from local businesses. Avoiding the "fast fashion" trap, within reason for yourself, your space, and your budget. Although this approach may take time, it is about the process and journey to creating your haven that will give voice to your story. The items that have made it with me across the sea to Copenhagen (and on our many other moves), are the ones with a personal connection.

Vary the textures. Even within a small rental space, textures bring a sense of nature, a coziness, and an elevated aesthetic into the space. Wool, linens, natural fibers, wood, and stone are just examples of varying textures. These can be incorporated into bedding, curtains, rugs, furniture, lighting, art, and objects for decorating.

Natural lighting vs. added lighting. If you are able, selecting a rental space with the most amount of natural light is optimal. When this is not available to you, opting for varied lighting within a space will bring an inviting ambiance. Ceiling lighting, floor lamps, small desk lamps set upon side tables/bookcases/cabinets creates wholesome and layered lighting within the space.

Painting vs. wallpaper. Often a point of concern for renters, knowing the possibility of having to bring the space back to its original form upon moving out. Here in Denmark, the security deposits are astronomical (as in at least 3 months rent up front in addition to the first month rent) and more often than not, are generally kept by the landlords for repainting and sanding the wood floors. After every tenant. Yikes! Some simple and temporary solutions to making the space feel yours, include stick and peel wall paper; hanging larger pieces of art (including fabric, natural fiber pieces) to cover up a wall color that is not favorable; or perhaps showcasing a special article of clothing on a hanger as art.

Now, kitchenware. The kitchen is the heart of any home and often the space most inhabited. Thus, white dishes are a must! These provide simplicity, understated elegance, timelessness, and are multifunctional in any tablescape setting. Not to mention it makes your food look that much tastier! An easy and affordable addition to your rental kitchen, that will easily transition from space to space.

Finally, plants. Indoor greenery is a must, no matter the space you live within. Plants are grounding~ connecting you and your space with the earth you reside upon. Plants cleanse the air you breath. Plants bring in a sense of life and happiness. And last, but not least, plants provide for a healing and serene aura within the space you dwell.

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