Catching the Sun

In this season of long, sun filled days we encourage you to capitalize on those rays and bring some rainbow magic into your home with a suncatcher! When a suncatcher is placed in direct sunlight, it disperses the light and bounces it around the room creating rainbow colors on nearby surfaces.

These unexpected patterns of color are popular in feng shui because the practice holds the belief that our consciousness craves change and requires a constant balanced flux between rest and stimulation. In our homes, this balance can be difficult to achieve given than most objects and furniture provide stability instead of movement, leading to stagnation. By installing a suncatcher in our space, we can open ourselves up to surprise and opportunity- restoring the balance.

With that in mind, we've created a simple tutorial so you can make your own beautiful suncatcher to hang, opening your mind to movement and the potential for change.

How to Make a Brass Suncatcher:


Crystal Suncatcher

Brass shapes (We used these hammered half circles and similar to these full circles)

Small jump rings

Jewelry Pliers

Fishing line from your local hardware store

Begin by laying out your discs to decide how you'd like to pattern them and how long you'd like the chain to be.

Using jewelry pliers, connect the discs together with the jump rings leaving the last hole empty on each end.

Tie a small loop of fishing line through the top of the prism and secure it with a couple of knots.

Take a jump ring and attach it to the fishing line then connect to your completed chain.

Hang in a window that receives direct sunlight and enjoy the rainbows!

If you make one, please tag us @aileiinteriors or use the hashtag #aileimakes so we can admire your work!