AILEI Interiors

Hi friends! With the changing of seasons we have undergone a Spring refresh and rebrand. Welcome to AILEI Interiors.

Through many long conversations about who we are, where we come from, and what we as a small business want to put out into the world, we felt a name change was in order.

AILEI (eye-lee) comes from the first letters of our names AIno and LEIgh. We each have a deep soul connection to our native lands of Finland and Scotland and wanted our name to speak to that, as our work is a reflection of our roots.

We initially started our creative process as The Gathered Lifestyle in order to gather groups together and teach approachable interior styling concepts. A major shift happened due to the pandemic, followed by Aino Saara's move to Denmark- so, we grew and shifted in our process.

In our first meeting, we connected over a cup of coffee and our common experiences as third culture beings. We knew almost immediately that we wanted to work together so it feels fitting that our new name represents that unity.

To bring it back full circle, our history shows within our work. We continue to make interior styling accessible to all with our E-Design offerings. We have found much fulfillment in collaborating with local brands and through our monthly style journals. Just as so many have done over the past year, we have found ways to thrive despite the physical distance between us and are even more committed to our mission of intentional and sustainable design.

Our new website is live and we would love to have you take a look! The newbie can be found by going to .

Thank you for following along on our journey into creativity. We honor you and are forever humbled by your support and connection.

xX Aino Saara & Leigh

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